I think I have mentioned it before, but I guess it is worth mentioning again. Kids! What a blessing it is that they grow up!

I have enjoyed all the different stages of motherhood, not said that everyday have been a miracle, but I have found all ages to have their perks.

But now! When they get older and get a completely new experiences and different views on life on what they do AND WHY the do it (or not). Thereto they have the ability to transfer their thinking (yes, you read correctly I mentioned thinking in the context of a teenager) to us adult is really mind boggling . It it possibly so that I’m flabbergasted only because I have, from time to time, very low expectations on my offsprings… on the other hand I don’t think I am unique in this.

Anyhow, I see my descendants in a new life with new capabilities and possibilities than before and it makes me both proud and happy.

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Am I taking it the completely wrong way?

Today was a milestone in the Dock family. Sam, our man, got himself a summer job. For five/six weeks this he’ll be helping out in the kitchen in one of the town’s bigger hotels Riviera Strand. He been trying it out this weekend 7-11 am preparing breakfast and the lunch buffet and did a good enough impression to get hired.

As a parent a summer job makes you happy as it means that your offspring get SOMETHING to do for the 8 week long summer break. And that they will get a (better) understanding of the value of 💰, he will also get hardcore, under his nose, experience of responsibly.

But my interpretation of this summer job is that it’s the ultimate proof of that we, as parents, have succeeded in bringing a somewhat decent young adult to the world.

We are freaking fabulous.

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Today it was time for our first born to get his confirmation. I would say he have had a better year than expected. Getting to know new people, seeing Berlin and learning about values.

It was far more emotional than I expected. Seeing my mother in law tearing up didn’t help.

Thanks to everyone coming and celebrating him. Very much appreciated. The food catered from Maddes kök was delicious. DELICIOUS! And the cakes will be purchased from KnutJöns next time as well.

And yes, there at the last picture he cursed, right next to the minister…

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Enjoy it while you can

The other day I was doing my tax returns, calculating some figures while Fabian was eating his dinner, thinking I was working. After a while he said:

“Wow, mum! I though that the only thing you were doing at your job, was sitting in meetings and deciding things. But you are calculating stuff too.”


It was clear that he was very impressed. So, it hurt some when I had to admit to him, that my job is mostly sitting in meeting, deciding things, not making too many (any) calculations, not even of the easier kind.

I was back to a very average mother, not the supersmart worth admiring. Oh, well.

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Are you one of them?

Apparently, I have become the talk of the town (it’s a small town so you don’t need to worry that hubris will catch me). When the analysis is done, we, me and my crew, come to the conclusion, it is because I’m me (surprise).

Since people never tell me, to my face, what it’s with me they dislike. I can only speculate. And when you let people like me speculate freely, we have a tendency to think it has to do with our awesomeness. An awesomeness that is uncommon in the society where I exist. In my case, it boils down to the fact that I have viewpoints and I “dare” to express them.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who has viewpoints on EVERYTHING (well I do, but I don’t always, believe it or not, express them publicly). So, it can’t be the fact that I have too many viewpoints.

No, what I hear, it’s my viewpoints on equality that many dislike. To be fair I don’t know exactly what it is they dislike about them (since people, as I said before, never express their opinion of me/them directly to me).

The “funny” thing is, if we’d ask these people, the majority of them would probably claim they are all for equality. Which means we’re on the same side. But still, my viewpoints chafe.

Or maybe is it, that I share my viewpoints on equality in a “wrong” way. Once again, I have no idea what they think is the “wrong” way and, naturally, if so, I truly wonder what the “right” way is. And more importantly who decides what that “right” way is. My dislikers? I don’t think so.

Because it can’t be so, can it? That these people are not really interested in true equality, could it? That they are actually preferring the current level of inequality. A world where women are fine to express themselves as long as it is to a level and in way, that is approved by men.

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Is it me, or is it you?

When people don’t like you (or they do like you, but not your viewpoints and what you are saying, but today it’s very hard to differ the person from the matter, so usually they don’t like you. Period).  Anyway, when this happens, I can see two reasons for it:

  1. It could be so that your auras or chemistries (or whatever is making people coincide, or not) collides and clash. Then there is not much you can do about it. If you are married – divorce. If you work together – get a new job. If you are friends – hang out with other friends and if you are Facebook friends –  defriend. Problem solved.
  2. Or it is simply you who are wrong. Not the other person. You find out by looking inwards and analyze. Why do I react like this? What is it with this person’s viewpoints that I dislike and, most importantly -WHY! Explain that to yourself and decide on a consequence. It could possibly still be divorce or defriendship, or it could be so that you realize something new and start to think differently.

What’s most important, is that you, without hate to the other person (hate which consumes oceans of energy you can spend on better things like exercise, kissing you children or sex), go on with your life.

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The concept of time

I have a hard time to get my mind around this thing with time. In 10 minutes we are off for “high school” information session for this dude

I can’t understand that I am a parent to a soon high school student 👹‍🎓 …

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