Two semesters later

There it was, the last day of school for this school year.

Sam’s first in junior high with new school, new teachers, new classmates, new subjects and new ways of assessments. But, this change would’ve happened anyway, so when comparing it (with Fabian’s), without depreciate it, was a smaller change.

For Fabian the school start was big. It was huge, monumental and immeasurable all at once. ¬†New town, new buildings, new classmates, new teachers, new ways. New, new, new. And for a person who doesn’t like change, it is almost unfathomable.

But they did it. With glory (their bias mother said).  With support from great kids (raised by great parents) great grown-ups who in different ways and parts of this community were involved (key word involved).

So, from a parent to a parent, from a grown-up to a grown-up. Thanks for helping out in making our kids settle in to a new community.

Left: Second day of school (missed to take one of the first) Right: Last day of school


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If I only

If I only were like these friends. They who, when I wish them happy travels and complained about my cold, delivers a fresh garden bouquet within minutes.

Bild 2017-06-10 kl. 21.25.jpg

I am not like that. I’m not even close to that level of consideration. But happy that I’ve got friends that are. Highly appreciated.



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Today I’m happier, especially when I don’t think about yesterday and when thinking of the Sam who passed his exam to his red belt in taekwondo.

Proud! Of course.

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Fuck off!

Below you see a print I made, my plan is to give it to my sons. They are three simple words that I want my sons to life after. Somekind of rules of life.

rrrThis are rules/characteristics that I value and that I mean will get you far in life. I know all to well that we are not many who live by them (or I am sure we are, but still too many that don’t). They might think they do, they even might claim they do, but they don’t. You see them fail over and over and over again. Themselves are not aware, or even worse, they are but still survive anyway (mainly because the rest of you are afraid of conflicts and lack¬†civil courage. A civil courage that might cause a scene, and that we don’t want. Because feelings, feelings are wrong. Feelings make you look weak).

I totally loose respect for people that don’t show other’s respect. ESPECIALLY if it is adults vs children. I can get very angry with my own children but I do my outmost to be angry with kept respect for them. It is a difference. It is a huge difference.

That wasn’t wasn’t what I heard of today, And now I have lost all respect for that person. I am so furious (yes, I have double checked what happened from multiple sources).

Circumstances? I don’t give a fuck. You are an adult. That was a child. And it was all your fault. I have only one phrase to say to you:


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