International me

I was in a board meeting yesterday. And when it was expressing my viewpoint I automatically turned into English! 😱

I can only interpret this as I am more used to these situations when working (which I do in English a majority of my time).

Finally I am what I always wanted to be – an international business woman! ✌🏻

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Reflections won

I took my time and let Sam wake up and we went for a walk along the ocean. Some good time just the two of us talking about small and big things.

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I realize that my result driven persona also makes me loose out on relationships. Just like I explained in my last post, my inability to just listen naturally makes me loose possibilities to possibly deeper relationships where I just am.

I am sitting at my patio drinking my coffee in the amazing October sun. Thinking of buying the dog a longer leash. It’s great to have on the beach so he can run more freely (as we can’t have him totally off the leash…). But instead of waiting till Sam gets up to bring him with me for the walk. My eagerness is prepared to skip an hour with my firstborn just to get it done.

But at least I’m currently reflecting on to wait for him to wake up. That’s progress.

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I am a person who is all for results. It is a great capability! It get’s things done. It take you somewhere.

But at the same time, people like me are useless. Totally useless if you are looking for an ear that only listens. My hearing is good and I have mastered the ability to active listening too. But to only use me as a wailing wall, where you get confirmed will not work (only work if I think like you).

So, when you need to pour your heart out and get nods of understanding and leanings of heads, please turn somewhere else. If you really want a different perspective on things I am here to serve.

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Lost it

After asking sons to help out and they needed a millionth reminder the Mr and I lost it. Completely. And then the house and the dog got clean.


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I have, not even a month after the Swedish election, where I’ve been elected substitute to the city council, noticed that integrity will be so important in order to survive.

Integrity is complex. To be able to keep it, knowledge is essential to say the least. And trust is your biggest enemy. But integrity is not pure evil only. It is just as liberating to know you are you are acting based on your personal principles and moral, rather then external pressure.

Based on this I have decided to limit (Just for the record, I’m not saying I’ll totally exclude it. Things like this are usually easily “misinterpreted”.) my personal and professional involvement in local activities. It is always good to truly know why you are doing things.

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Why mums rule

After I published my post of moving teens yesterday, I got a fast and wise comment. It gave me a rude awakening, reminding me of the fact that my feelings contra my children’s development is secondary.

My mum informed me that the 400 km to Norrköping, is not, by far, as far away as the US.

When I, back in 1990, told her that I wanted to go away for a year, there were no hesitation. Of course I should.

Just as Sam and his brother should go, wherever their hearts desire to.

Thanks mum! Thank you for bringing me back to reality.

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