I really need to start shopping for that island with wifi. Where I can live, alone, far, far away from the stupid people. The stupid people with double standard and with no self awareness. The stupid people with not the slightest insight that you and yours DO make mistakes and also YOU must follow the laws that everybody else does.

Yeah, because the law and rules never do enough catching the bad guys, but when you get caught (doing wrong) it is not the bad guy who is the problem, it’s the rules.

OMG the stupidity!

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Lovin’ it

I’m on vacation. Or, as self-employed there is no vacation for me to take (nor any limit to how much vacation I can take). But as my current assignment colleauges is taking a break from their mundane worklife, so do I. Even if I wanted to (which I don’t) I’m not the one pulling the strings in this project I can’t do stuff without the others.

I spend my vacation in solitude. Well, not in a convent without wifi. But the Mr had early vacation (he can’t really choose when to have his, and was off in June ) and after one very nice (and first ever) trip to Majorca together, we spent our vacations separately. With a few exceptions.

For me the seclusion has (naturally) provided me with time. Time spend inwards. Time for reflection. Contemplation.

And this have lead to several clarities and actions of what to do with my life. I feel very happy and content and filled with action to take my additional steps on my life journey.

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This day for this

The day before the day. The last day with a child in da house. Tomorrow we have only teenagers in our home (that includes mom and dad…).

Is it only me that get stressed about this? That time is moving so fast and there is so much more to do. I guess it’s time for me to start doing. But I want to know at least have some kind of direction. I have started, but not fully there yet.

But not today. Today is all about preparations for tomorrow when Fab Fab turns 13.

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When you have to, you choose the best one

I have always found it more fun to be behind the camera than in front of it, but I need to have at least one good image of myself.

I had this, but they where getting old, or more correctly I am, so they needed an update. So, what to do? I simply turned to the best one, Mette Ottosson to help out. And of course she did. I was laughing and smiling my lips way. There were also some silly ones, but they didn’t make my final cut.

If you need another photographer than me, turn to her. She is the best.

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Last day of elementary school

Tomorrow is officially the last day of elementary school for our first born. Tonight was their prom/farewell dinner/party.

Great to see them all dressed to their teeth. I think tomorrow will be quite emotional when they say goodbye. Some, have been together since pre kindergarten. This fall awaits high-school. Some will attend the same high-school, while others have chosen different ones.

The ZZ-Top bearded man in the first picture was Sam’s favourite teacher and mentor the last three years. He has taught him loads. Last day he managed to complete this, by teaching him how to tie a tie.

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Hell has no fury

I’m sitting here, awake and in an upright position, on my only free week-end morning. Today I was off until 12.00. I could sleep in, I had no alarm buzzing at dawn. Even if I usually wake up at the same time every day (also on week-ends) today I had the opportunity to give “the wake-up man” the middle finger and turn around for an another round of sleep.

But no. In the same bed as I, lies a snoring husband, who, after consuming intoxicating beverages becomes even “better” at this snoring thing.

At 4:47 am I gave him the ultimate to shut the fuck up or place himself in the guest room. As the man he is, he mounted the challenge as he was assure he would make it. The reality turn-out – he continues to sleep and snore in our joint bedroom.

For him to, in this situation, do a risk analysis and contemplate on the consequences of his failed attempt did, of course, not strike him. If he had, he would at 4.47 am chosen the guest bedroom and by that eschew this public humiliation that I, without his knowledge, am putting him through.

Now, he has to live with the consequences…

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This has probably been the most productive week-end in a long, long time. And it is not over yet.

There has been a lot of gardening. The Mr did his fair share this week when he was off work, which probably gave me a bad conscience. So I have been picking weeds for the love of me, carrying bricks till my back gave up (no, it didn’t but it did hurt), mowed the lawn (and it’s up for another round) and some planting.

There to I have washed the car, currently only on the outside but my mission is to have the inside done before sunset. Laundry. We do the laundry in the week-ends and maybe not every, so when we do, there are tonnes of it. But how wonderful it is when you can hang it to dry outside. It always feel cleaner and I just love the smell.

The analysis is. When you skip sociala media and soccer. You have massive of time at your hands to do real stuff.

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