Far from the limit

My weekend – what did I do? Absolutely nothing!

Icleaned the house (kitchen and living room, more correctly) Saturday. Not the spare room, which needs it desperately. I also washed both cars. But the laundry was not done.

The husband was away for soccer and work, so my company was limited. But Sam joined me (freely I’d like to add) in the couch Saturday. But there was nothing to watch on the TV or streaming services and there was to energy do do something else.

Yesterday, I took a 10 min date with a friend I hadn’t seen in years by the train tracks and a beach walk with the dog.

Yep, I guess that summarizes it. Joined the not working husband to a floor ball game on Sunday night, more to have done SOMETHING together. But I would say that I could have done more this weekend. But at least I got rested.

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Why so hard?

When reading “stuff” on social media I get surprised (?)/sadden (?) about how many who dislike themselves and what they have/haven’t done.

I don’t wonder why. That’s pretty obvious. But why is it hard for folks to like themselves?

What happen in my life that made me think that I’m an awesome person, just like I am.

And then I don’t think so much about other people and continue to enjoy myself.

Photo from Villfararlser (see Instagram) the text says “I was so fabulous I got annoyed”

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The note

Found this, and lots of other memorabilia, in a bag my parents had saved.

The note with number and address the Mr gave me when we first met 25 years ago. Blessed to have found him and to continue loving him.

I don’t know if it was a blessing or not that I didn’t realize our fab looks.

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Lessons learnt

Almost a week has past with not only without my husband but also my children! What have I learnt?

  • I do enjoy my husband’s company, he is quite a lot of fun
  • Without my children I have oceans of time (I new that already, but still)
  • Without children I don’t need to eat different dishes every day
  • Without children I don’t need to eat (supper) every day
  • If I’m board I sleep or take ridiculous SnapChat selfies
  • I would not have a dog if I was single
  • Refurnishing can go very fast if I put my mind into it
  • I would spend enormous amount of money on movie visits if I was single
  • The project I am in is awesome
  • I’m not half as controlling as people might think (didn’t have any problem coping with the fact that F got injured and The Mr needed to deal with it him self. Naturally I was worried, but not stressed. I knew I have children with a man who left the Neanderthal stage a few generations back)
  • I have great friends who checked in to see I was fine and invited me out
  • Parts of me was happy to miss out on the skiing, the slopes were beyond my skills and I would have been pissed most of the time for not daring to ride them without tonnes of anxiety
  • I never want my family to go on vacay without me ever again
  • I love my family unbelievable and possibly unhealthy much
Me and my family Oct 27 2012, photo: Pontus Höök
Photo: Pontus Höök
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Just like that

Mr F broke his arm 1.5 hrs into the ski vacation in the Austrian alps. The Dock children and their skiing traditions…

Never the less. The Mr and I discussed shortly if F should fly home by him self. And a couple of hours later they called. My loving parents. 80 years old, they come to the rescue. Saying if he fly home by himself, he should stay with them (as I’m working). Best role models available.

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Can you feel it? How its disappearing? How its slipping away right at your fingertips?

We know that our children are only a loan. They are only “yours” for a tiny time. Ours are leaving, I have a hard time understanding this. That soon it is me and the Mr only. Again. Before that I desperately try to squeeze what childhood that’s left from them.

Where it it go? Did I use it wisely? The time together we had with our children?

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I dislike people who, late in the game, throws in information. Information that people who is on top of things already is aware of and maybe already used.

And the only reason for throwing it in, is to show that he is “contributing” . The problem is that he is not. The only thing he is contributing to is market himself (and the question is, as the people working with him sees it as marketing as he creates more mess). But not the common aim.

In today’s world. Working with high performers, there is no time for  “look at me”. No, we look at the result and if you are late in the game, you need to adapt to what the smart people of action already have done. Preferably be asking a quick question before “contributing”.


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