Date night

It’s happening again. Between soccer practice and games we find the time, slowly but surely, for date nights.

Off to the movies. Just me and him. We thank a friend for bringing your youngest home from his soccer practice.

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Flawless or not

To be a teenage parent is hard. Harder than I ever expected. I would be a huge fan of any software you could run in their brains so they are ready by default.


My current task is to support in the things, the things I thought I made clear long before (and so many times before), as they show up in reality. So clear that there is a difference between theory and practice.

At the same time I get reminded that children are children and don’t have the software I referred to earlier. They are as far from flawless as they should be. They make mistakes and the only thing we can do as parents is to be there, explain (again and again), guide and offer endless barrels of love. And hope that the world around them do to. Which can be hard, as many of the ones they are around are also children without the software chip and some without supporting and guiding parents by their side.

The only thing I can do now, is reassure that this to will pass.

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Fabolous, just fabolous

I just returned from a 30 hrs loud (in opposite to silent) retreat with, yes you guessed it, my fabulous friends (yes, I have only have fabulous ones).

This time it was time to meet my former colleagues. Strong, bright, fabulous women. With no more fucks to give to the patriarchy, incompetence and with so much warmth, love and challenges to our own minds.

Meeting up these women becomes a compressed development session. I thank life for bringing them into my life.

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A good one

Although life try to run me down with a cold, I didn’t give up this weekend and instead I:

Collected gratitude when the whole family were gathered to Friday dinner. Cooking and setting the table together. Only some minutes, but still.

Had time for both board game and playing cards Saturday and good conversations during biology studies with Fabian fab. And getting to know both our sons a little better while, in the car, listen to their current music taste. (Becoming ridiculously happy over the fact that Sam picks up a tune or two from my own youth.)

Crashing one wine glass and pouring wine (twice) at a party with friend. Laughing so hard my tummy hurt.

So, overall a really good weekend. Thank you life for all, but skip the cold next time.

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I don’t like birthdays, I LOVE them. I love the attention (I know you shouldn’t, but as I am the one I am, I won’t pretend).

Therefore I appreciate all the birthday wishes on social media, phone calls, voice messages, texts and IRL.

And to all of you I say:


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Shared happiness

I won’t go as far as claiming that only shared happiness is real. But when you see someone else happy,  it is a gooood feeling.

To see the Mr in his right element, teaching soccer, I really get happy.

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