Me and me and my partner Marianne got mentioned in a blog post last week. Cool. I’ll promise to try do limit my marketing in my blog post, I’ll try. Sorry.

The link is in Swedish, but Google translate says that it says (something like) this:

“Hello all,
Sitting right now on the train on my way home to get my darlings from school. Finally, I got me myself a good protection cover for my laptop so I can bring it and use the time on the train for blogging.

Feels really super-efficient 🙂

Today I would like to get you acquainted with a super-talented girl who takes great pictures and has dared to take the step to start your own. Naturally I am sitting with a thousand million good ideas in my head but I have never gotten as far to get the ideas downon paper … Anyone recognize themselves?!? I envy and always find it so amazing when one realizes their dreams and for meso maybe this blog a bit on the way to my dreams …

Louise really know how to capture moments of his great pictures so the name of her business time by Louise is fitting, ögonblick av Louise (moments by Louise).

Here is a sneak preview of what she achieves with the camera at the more pictures and information can be found on her website

“As this was not enough … Louise is also working with a concept along with her ​​friend Marianne who styles you this beautiful in their pictures … Read more on”

Lucky me, lucky us!


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