What ‘s important

If you only take one advise of all my wisdoms (yeah, I am full of them), I want you to stop (and I really mean full time stop, never evever going to do it again) doing things just because you think it is something you SHOULD do. That someone else want you to, or for all means , not do something because someone doesn’t want you to.

If you do things (nor not do things), make sure that it is because this is the way YOU want to go about. If you don’t I really do not see you as a equal member of this earth.

And if you are a special person in my life, that I share most of my daily issues with and happen to have the same children as I. I also want you to stop blaming everybody else when YOU are doing the wrong things.

I will explode otherwise. And no, one can’t really notice that you are “trying”.


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