Finally a new post

If there are any followers left to this blog, I really want to say “I am sorry.” I am so sorry that my post are not very frequent at the moment. I think it is a phase and after all it is OK. I have been blogging for some time now. Anyhow, as I am not an excuses kind of gal, let’s get over it and start to improve.

However, I had a fantastic weekend. Friday – all alone in my own home. No husband (never that there is, we are still not married), no kids (been sent off to the mother-in-law) and no dogs ( they were put away (not down) to a B&B for dogs). All since I was off on the Saturday to a friend of mine, accompanied by another one. A mini week-end with the gals.

Little Paris or the birth town of Birger Sjöberg was our destination. And let’s face it if it hadn’t been for Monika, I would never had gone there.

We didn’t do much. But that was never the aim. Chatting away, joint cooking (well, I cut the cheese that I later ate too much of and I tore the potatoes and started with the dill), drinking wine (this I am so much better at) and wild dancing.

The fact that the dancing took place in the livingroom and not the club was more than ok. Stepping on train rails to the BRIO set is in some way so much better than being step on by stilettos.

Friends, memories and future plans what more can a women want? Pictures, a whole lot of pictures.


4 thoughts on “Finally a new post

  1. FINT!
    Får väl skylla mig själv som “dansade” när du fotade…. Tur att jag är så g a m m a l att jag inte bryr mig så mycket.

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