I just love Swedish public service television

The public service television, which up to twenty or so years ago actually was the only Swedish TV there was to get, must be the best television E-V-E-R.

During summer we put parental control over the trash kids channels since we thought they were the worst thing the offsprings could pass time with, closely followed by sniffing glue. The kids were not super excited to the decision but acclimatized quite fast.

So, this means that they are stuck with a smaller choice of programs. Which AT ALL is not an issue, because the programs to choose from is freaking fantastic. They are both fun and educational. No violence or commercials. (Not to worry, the share of violence will be filled by watching Ironman with mummy on a Saturday night anyway.)

To be able to sit down and as an adult enjoy the children’s programmes together with ones children is truly the best time of the day (not much competition to that statement though…).

If you don’t do it already, turn on the TV and SVTB at 6.30-ish pm and enjoy, with or without children.


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