Where does the time go?

At the moment my life is ridiculously stressful. I really feel that I am about the hit my max. This is the time where I must use my learnings from the past and allow myself to let go of the accelerator.

So IKEA days are hectic and thereto I have so much to do during the weekends and I really do not want to. I have no problem to work on the weekend if I was off another day. It is great that my own business is growing (without me doing much) but I would like to be able to do it during the weekdays… I guess I have to do something about that.

Yesterday I was working with technology that worked in the opposite direction. I was not a happy camper. Ask any of my family members. Today was only spent with our home. Finally we are reclaiming the first floor of our house. It has been in chaos for the last years and last week we started to remodel one of the rooms, which included some serious cleaning. OMG! One can for sure collect a lot of not necessary things over the years. And dust.

So if you wondered why my blog posts are not very frequent, you know now.


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