Sweet Friday

Yesterday it was Friday, and with Fridays comes fredagsmys. There is no really good translation for fredagsmys. I guess it would  be hygge fredag in Norwegian, but if you don’t know Norweigan that translation won’t help you either…

Anyway, it is when the members of a family get together celebrating that the working week is over. I it a calm celebration, where you lay back in the sofa or favourite arm chair. Usually accompanied by a good snack and drink (this varies depening on age, taste and law regulations). Apparently there are scientist who done research on this matter and it is not only for families. Also couples (older and younger) and single people join into fredagsmys. The main purpose is to be together.

Yesterday was a good one in the Dock/Persson family. Fantastic (new) main course, made by master chef Dock and sous-chef Sam and a starter (that NEVER happens) provided by myself.

We ate in PJ’s (!) and then layed on the sofa watching season premieres of TV-shows provided by public TV.

I love being me.


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