I sometimes call myself evil. Not that I am. Sure my straightforwardness and ability to argue peoples bullshitness could for some be labled to being evil. And let’s face it, there is some humor to it, as evilness is not very common in our western, middleclass (whatever that is) lives.


During tonight’s family pre-Christmassy dinner some good topics were discussed. And I am sure I have seen/understood where evil is born. Way too close to my every-day life then I feel comfortable with.

Babies are not born evil, but the precense of BAD parents (with extremly bad judgement) and other just as bad grown-up rolemodels, create evil monsters.

You are a co-creator every time you allow small wrongs go by. Or when you allow your self to do wrong, because someone else did wrong before you.

No, it is only in math 2 negatives makes a positive. Never in life.

To be grown-up and stand up for yourself and yours. To admit when you are wrong and learn from that. Or get over things, to drop small things, before they get out of proportion (or at least have the backbone to confront someone to clarify what is bothering you). The world will become a little less evil.


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