If you know me, you know that I am an honest person. Sometimes just a little bit naive and too honest for my own good. I strongly dislike lies and especially liars. I have become better over the years. Not better in telling lies, but better in choosing what truths to tell.

However, today I am going to be very truthful about something which, according to Swedish culture and social rules, should be kept in the dark – but I can’t!

I am going to do the worst thing you as a parent after physically and mentally harm your children -brag about them!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud over my sons.  In the same day (today) I had to control my outburst of joy to not be excluded in the small town socieity where we are living.

First this morning when Fabian played soccer. He showed quite impressive skills in handling the ball (after all he has not played for months and at that time he thought clinging to the net of the goal was the most fun soccer practice could bring). He also has an eye for the game (I can not imagine he was totally unaware that his throw-in was to a unmarked player who took the chance to score) which impressed me (and I now my football).

And then again in the afternoon I had to brace my self. At swimming school, Sam together with another girl, were taken aside from their group to get a special tutorial as they were a liiiiiiittle better then the rest of the group. When the Mr came, all I really wanted to was to scream out loud “He is getting special treatment because he rules!!!”

Yes, I know, I am bad. As a parent I should just love them for who they are (and I do!) but let’s be honest, it is good to see your off-springs excel sometimes, especially since you know that another day they will be the ones that fail.


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