“A person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy or an agent.”

If you have a specific point of view, please tell your appointed person this. If you don’t, only assign people that can read you mind and do the things EXACTLY the way you would have done it. OR do it your self!

Just so you know.


2 thoughts on “Delegate

  1. Inget mot vad jag var i morse nĂ€r jag pratade med personen i frĂ„ga… Jag BLIR förbluffad i till vilken nivĂ„ man kan ta konsten Ă€r vara en urusel ledare till, det finns tydligen ingen botten i det trĂ€sket. Jag har hört att sunt förnuft skulle vara ngn gyllene vĂ€gvisare i det företag jag Ă€r anstĂ€lld i… men det hör man bara talas om…

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