Hat off

My and the Mr just finished watching the excellent documentary “The Interrupters“. Following three violence interrupters on the streets of Chicago.

I love watching documentaries with the Mr since we always meet in the dicussion of the topic. And it is good to do that – discuss. Brings us closer.

Thereto as a mother, I am thankful to live in a small (tiny actually) neighbourhood where these things doesn’t exist. I can not even imagine what it would be like to not knowing if today would be the day one of my sons would be hit by a stray bullet from a revenge action.

And it also made me realize that it is worth it. The nagging. To be clear towards our sons what we stand for. It is a sign of affection and prepares them for boundaries that our society is built upon.

If you get the chance you MUST watch it and admire the great work of the programme Ceasefire.



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