I just became a better person

Once this summer I overheard a sons conversation to his mother about what my oldest just had done.

It was not so much what the boy said as what his mother said, that caught my attention and finally got me to understand what parenting coaches have meant what we need to do to not only boost our children’s self confidence but instead focus on their self-esteem.

Tonight the same thing happened. I came across (thanks to these fantastic social medias) a blog that so easily got me to understand why we shouldn’t yell at our children. What happens inside them when we do. You can find it here (sorry only in Swedish, but u can try Google translate).

I will most certainly raise my voice to my children again, but I will choose my occasions.

Thank you for making me a better person.


3 thoughts on “I just became a better person

  1. Jag läste också det där. Väldigt klokt! Och det får man nog tänka på ibland, när man är lite trött, lättirriterad och höjer rösten utan att egentligen tänka sig för. Det är inte lätt…

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