For crying out loud

I am amazed (and not in a good way) over today’s parents total lameness (yes, this is a word, from now on if nothing else).

How is it possible that our generation consists of this universe’s worst leaders? Of people that can’t decide over their children. That can’t understand that it is primarely you, as parent, who decides what is right or not. What to do and what to don’t.

Are we so afraid of conflicts that we can’t take the argument of a 9, 10 year old? Do we fear that these creatures will not love and respect us when calling the shots?!

Why is it so scarry for us to see and accept that our offsprings are not perfect (they shouldn’t be, they are kids and are learning to become, no, not perfect, but better adults). Is it because we interpret their inperfections as they equality uof our parenting skills (God forbid that we do not excel on all things!)

Parents of today are too insecure and has NO self-esteem. This leads thereby to their unability to believe that they know best for their children and to stand up for their opinions (not only as parents, but that would be a different blog-post). They have also misstaken their children’s love and affection as something they ,as parents, must earn. This can only be done through equal love and respect towards them, not by removing uncomfortable rules, the need to follow these rules or avoiding taking uncomfortable decisions.

That is what I say!


6 thoughts on “For crying out loud

  1. ;), thanks.

    I was sittning at our school’s “parent org” meeting yesterday and was dazzled what parents (not the ones attending) have said and acted to the teacher’s at times (not necessarily this year) e.g why smartphones needs to be on at school.

    The Mr and I continued the discussion when I came home and he had a few stories to tell him self. Where parents (in their strive to show how much they love and care about their children) act strangely which leads to the children think and act as the leaders…

    I want to stress that I am not pefect, but at least I reflect over how things are in our family.

  2. Hmm, det kommer bli intressant, jag som har så mycket att tycka. 🙂 Undrar just hur populär jag kommer bli bland de andra föräldrarna? 😉 KRAM

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