Welcome into my home

Got stuck in front of the computer (just before going to bed… why does it always happen) and for some reason I started to search for pictures of our kitchen. When we moved in we did a made a budget renovation of the kitchen. We fixed the cabinet doors, changed the counter top and sink. Then THE kitchen renovation came (almost 5 years ago) and was probably the hardest ordeal for us as a family when it comes to renovations. Tobias did most of the physical work together with the brilliant carpenter Dennis (I thank the lord for Dennis, he was skilled, honest and on time (!), mum (bless her, what would the world do without the mums?!) took care of the domestic work and the kids and I brought home the bacon (meaning I was way most of the time) but I also was project leader and yelled at the suppliers when they didn’t deliver.

We made our new kitchen out of the old and an old hair salon. I want to share some of the pictures I found of the entire process. Looking at them I wondered how we survived. (Or them, I was never home ;).

By the way, why do one decide to renovate the one thing that you are most dependent on, placed in a very central part of the home when the kids are very small and has none, or very little, common sense and understanding?


2 thoughts on “Welcome into my home

    1. Ja, det gör jag inte om. Men vi är nöjda. Nu skulle jag nog vilja ha vita luckor ett tag.

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