There are two commercials running in Swedish medias at the moment that really annoys me.

One for watching TV whenever you want. Which in the commercial means that the father should not be upset, putting his daughter to bed and staying there, is NO problem, he can watch that game ANYtime.

If we overlook the obvious fact, that you NEVER watch a game other than live. I have two problems with this commercial;

1) What is his problem? Isn’t his daughter worth spending a little extra time with if that is what she needs?!

2) Why must parents stay in their kids beds until they are asleep. For higher power’s sake – why is it so hard to teach our kids to relax and fall asleep by them selves!

Do not get me wrong, also I have gently cursed when my alone time have been interferred. But we all know what is imoportant in the long run.

The other one is the shampoo commercial that used the word “frizzy”. I have no problem with the word as such – when speaking English. But when the language in the comnercial is Swedish. It just becomes redicolous. Especially when there is a Swedish word for it.

It is krusigt,by the way.


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