As a frequent reader of this blog, you will know that there are few things that provoke me more than the usage or, in this case, non-usage of the Swedish parent insurance…

A post in the latest issue of Swedish mother glam magazine “Mama” made me tick, big time.

A Swedish mother complained that she couldn’t use the full parent insurance. Of the total 480 days we as parentS have the right to get money for, 60 days are reserved for the farher. A rule the Swedish government put there to get the so equal Swedish male parent to take active responsibility for his 15 second of ejaculation.

As always, I am a advocate of free choice. We should always expect people to know what is best for themselves (even if that is not so in practise…) and make choices best for them.

However, when people drag the money reason into this discussion and mix it with an ignorace beyond this galaxy. I seriously start believing that forced sterlisation is the only way for the human race to survive.

The writer continued to explain that she earned good money, but that her husband earned three (!) times more and this naturally lead to that HE WOULDN’T be home with their children (because then they would only have a lot if money rather than masses).

I guess that there might be a debt situation to. But one has to remember that YOU chose the amount of debt you put yourself in. You decide when you choose to spend your money on a too expensive house, car and clothes OR in time with your kids.

Poor POOR little rich girl.


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