Have I told you?

How much I love my children? If not, I will now.

After dinner tonight it was time for the usual dog walk. Our youngest was joinung us with his kick-bike. As he opened the gate our lively Ridgeback sneaked out and off he went down the road, in a speed only seen when chasing lions on the savannah.

We, the parents, were fast in his track. But not as fast as our little one. With his helmet on, he was running down the street, screaming after his dog with a voice filled of tears. Oh, he knew far to well how many times we have told him and his brother to be careful when opening doors and gates. And he that he just missed.

Buddy was caught pretty fast in a neigbouring estate. Alongside calming a dog that was soooo close capturing his first rabbit, I was comforting my smallest one. He’d been so scared that his dog would be run over by a car.

Oh, bless his little heart. I love U so much!



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