Up in gear

Time: 12.31 (am)
Status: Wide awake
Reason for status: unfortunatly not for napping away all day.
Things I am proud of: my children my partner.

My children are so different but I so proud over both of them. Fabian played soccer cup all day (more or less) and didn’t win a single game, but fought hard. His father was sooooooooo proud (as an ex soccer player he was of course thrilled by the fact that one of his sons has, hopefully, inhearedted the interest. Secondly, the way they played. They tried and gave them their best and didn’t give up! The Mr can’t stop talk about their effort. 😀 I enjoyed the pictures and films taken, with his cheeks all red from the running. Next time I need to be there.

Sam went with me to work. Luckly my office this evening was the beach and here it is easy to keep 8-year old occupied. I saw him from a distance going over to Tim who were going to film and introduced himself with a handshake. I am so happy he is not shy. That he didn’t question or back on my request to go over and introduce him self. That he didn’t need me by his side. In some aspects he his old enough to be the Queens dinner neigbour at the Nobel’s banquette. While in others he is a deaf 2-year old 😉

Anyhow I appriciate them both.

And then the Mr. He has been working all weekend and our days off. And I have missed him! Missed to have someone helping out with the chores. But mostly, to have someone to talk to.



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