Right or wrong?

Me and the boys went to my parents this morning. At breakfast Sam didn’t want to finish his cereal that he served himself. All adults told him that it was better to take smaller servings and to retake instead.

After some fun at the farm






It was time for lunch. Once again Sam overserved him self and after pouting in 10 minutes (laying with his forehead on the table) I gave him the option (OK I threaten him) to eat before we had to leave or stay were he was. He didn’t finish his meal…

Staying with my parents is not really a punishment (afterall they have no conntections to the Russian mob), so I wonder why I feel so bad. Is it the fact I did leave my oldest (who didn’t really thought I would) or the fact that I “punished” him.

I am not sure I want your viewpoints on this, I know I am a terrible mother and my upbringing tactics are from the 40’s.

I not really sure why I told you.


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