It is scary when you start to think too much about how false people are. Really, really scarry.

Another scarry thing to think about is how many misstakes you will be able to get away with, before you screw up your children for all future.


2 thoughts on “Scary

  1. Louise, I say all the time, people are who they are and there are a lot of good and bad people out there…and you aren’t going to screw the kids up by making mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, including you and they need to know that. What will screw them up is if you can’t admit to them that you made a mistake and teach them how to correct it. I can tell by the stuff you post that you work real hard to be a good mom and everything will be fine. You’ll see.

    1. Thanks for the words. Regarding the false people. I know. Why do I care? All I have to do is to stay AWAY from them. If I can’t, I still know what they are and by knowing I can choose how much I let that influence me.

      About the mom thing, I don’t know about that. But thanks anyway 🙂

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