To tell u the truth

I am what I am. And do you know what. I am pretty fine with that.

I met an old colleague (a friend that was my colleague some time ago, not that she is old… just for the record) for a coffee the other day. We have not met much since we parted as colleagues for the very simple reason that she have been off living the luxurious life as a stay-at-home mum, while I stayed here in Sweden. Laying the base to my coming emporium.

Never the less we do not meet frequently but we meet. And this time I bluntly but humble mentioned that I was so happy that one of my pics (see below) on my FB page had gotten many (all is relatively my friends) likes from friends but foremost strangers.

She said: “Oh, how I love you Louise. That you allow yourself to be open (without any smallest sign of shyness) with the fact that you are proud over the picture you took and that people liked it.”

If you are not from Swedish origin. Or, better said, if you are of US origin and one of those who never experienced foreign (incl. Canadian) cultures, it might be hard to understand that people in general, at least not in Sweden, applaud their own greatness.

That is true. We don’t. Or, they don’t. I on the other hand, do. I give myself high fives and celebrate joyfully when I succeed. There might only be myself invited to the party. But I have a rocking time. And because of all my VIP invitations I sometimes spill over and allow others to share. Just as I can openly stand steadily beside my less good choices and happenings.

As a matter of fact, you just witnessed one of these moments.

Hurray for me!



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