The good parent and all that

Life, what an exhausting little journey.

During my years as a mother, I have come to the conclusion that it is my role, as a parent, to coach my sons after their personal conditions and character.

I have also decided that I shall do this in a way that strengthens them and not by, the easier and more common way, of authority.

But by Golly, it ain’t easy. At least not when you are me, and is in need of change to.

So it took its toll (and time), to explain why it is not necessary to choose a tactic of defens where the main goal is to hurt someones else.

And to that I added the facts that one can’t take the responsibility for how the other person might feel or react to the words. But it still does not give me the right to be rude.

Let’s see how succesful I was.

The only thing I am sure of is that I succeeded in not being an authority, with high voice claiming I was right and for that reason my children must obey.

But it takes the best out of you. Especially when your opponent is 8.5 and dressed in his best tweeny attitude.


2 thoughts on “The good parent and all that

    1. Ha ha! Tack det var gulligt sagt.
      I morse var jag dock hÀxan surtant (svenskt barnprogram, kolla svt play superbra). Ibland förvÀxlar jag mina barn med vuxna militÀrer och förvÀntar mig minitiös precision ögonaböj.

      Men jag kan be om ursÀkt. Och jag försöker (och lyckas mellan varven).

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