The strangest thing just happened

It is time to do fill out the income tax papers. I have the blessing to have a sister who is somewhat better at this than me, so I called her support line this morning and had her help me with this and what of my business figures should go in what box.

I ask her all the stupid questions possible and she does the best to ry to explain to me, like I am only a little retarded.

At 7.45 pm this evening the strangest thing just happened. A friend of our’s called. For some advise on how to fill out the forms. And do you know what, an even more strange thing happened –  I could answer him!!!

OMG! Will I be a tax consultant  or an accountant? No, of course not. But it did good to my poor soul how have to find a lot of money to pay some more taxes. 

And thank you sis for ALL the help in this and all accounting “stuff” one needs to do as a business owner. THANK YOU!


2 thoughts on “The strangest thing just happened

    1. Nä, fattar inte heller. Blev nästan chockad att det redan var dags! Ha ha, gör du det. men lita inte på ett ORD jag säger. 😀

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