I think it is called denial

2 days to go.

I am reading the information thoroughly. I know where to pick up the start nummer, when the bus leaves to the town where the start goes. I know hos and where the race goes (will have a closer look tomorrow).

But I have no idea how far 21098 meters are.

I was out for a short runt yesterday and my legs fel fine, strong and ready to go. BUT they do not know hos far 21098 m are. They know hos far 17000 m are. And that was not too bad.

I think my naiveness will save me. It is all in the head.

Wish me luck for my first half marathon (just realized I wrote first, whatever made me do that?!)



6 thoughts on “I think it is called denial

    1. Tack du! SĂ„ lĂ€nge jag fortsĂ€tter springa. Det Ă€r grejen. Eller springa o springa. Men röra pĂ„ benen i snabbare tempo Ă€n gĂ„ng 🙂

  1. Det kommer gĂ„ galant. Lagom slow i början – inte lĂ„ta sig dras med i tĂ€vlingshetsen att springa fortare Ă€n du tĂ€nkt. DĂ„ kan du maxa pĂ„ slutet med ett leende pĂ„ lĂ€pparna!

  2. Lycka till Louise! En halvmara Àr tufft och du kommer kÀnna dig sÄÄ stolt efterÄt med all rÀtt:-) /Cecilia

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