Did it

So my legs have done it. They have run 21195 meters. They did it. I did it.

The race itself was actually not that bad. First at 14km I stared to feel a little in my legs. And first when there was 2-3 km left I had a small sensation of cramp in my right calf. So I knew there was only one thing to do. Keep on running.

At 2:34:00 I passed the finish line. My goal was around 2:30:00. BUT honestly the time never crossed my mind after I stared. For me it is never about the time the first time, it is to make it.

I might do it again. BUT I will practise more. Not so much to get a better time. BUT to be more mobile AFTER the race…


4 thoughts on “Did it

    1. Thank you! Good to gave it done. Next time I will try to have a more upbeat tempo and less of that senior citizen look and feel 😉

  1. Wow. Vad duktig du är. En jätte prestation ju. Fungerar det på samma sätt att man springer för välgörenhet o så?

    En stor applåd till dig!!

    1. Tack! Ja, så har man gjort det… I detta fallet var där nog ingen välgörenhet bakom.

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