Time to reveal my cliff-hanging post of this morning.

I have been running. And yes, that is crazy. Let me explain why:

  • It was 10 km (or somewhere in that neighborhood). One month ago, 10 k’s was something i ran once a year. Tops. At a race. 10 k’s was nothing I run as “practice”.
  • I did it with somebody. I am not really comfortable to run with anybody… Because I need to take short walking breaks and really, to talk to anybody while running is really waste of air.
  • I committed to a specific time. This is big as I want to have the possibility to decide for MYSELF when I do these things like running. And 10.00 am was in the middle of mine and the Mr’s late, lazy Saturday morning. Which we only  have every other week-end. But at 09.57, I arrived at my friends summer house, 20 k’s (!) away from my own home (only that is crazy in its self).

But it was all worth it. A great run with a great friend. Thanks Malin, to you and your “crazy” idea.

Let’s do it again.


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