Chores of the home

I know that chores around the home is good for the soul. When you do them because you want them to. Like yesterday, when I could decorate for advent. hang some advents stars and candelabra in the window. My body and mind was at a place I haven’t been in weeks. The day was ended with some traditional cosy Friday in the couch. 

Just what I needed.



4 thoughts on “Chores of the home

  1. Va? Röstade du? Det har jag missat. FörlĂ„t. Jag “saknade” din röst nĂ€r jag gjorde sammanstĂ€llningen, vill gĂ€rna veta vilken du valde. Kram

    1. Ja det gjorde jag. TvĂ„ gĂ„nger! Jag blev osĂ€ker pĂ„ om du hade ngn förhandsgranskning pĂ„ sĂ„ jag ville inte spamma dig 😉 (men Ă„ andra sidan fick jag ingen bekrĂ€ftelse att min kommentar kommit igenom… SĂ„ jag skyller mig sjĂ€lv).

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