Christmas in da house

I love Christmas. Did you read LOVE. I can’t get enough. I love the lights, the food, the candy, the champagne (more of a new tradition) the “cosyness”. And I, as opposite others, would never go away during Christmas. If I do, it must be to a place with more snow and more Christmas than home.

Today I brought home the Christmas tree (all by my self, no man needed) and I decorated it, (remember the more is more rule, screw Scandinavian simpleness), listening to Christmas songs in a mix with the commentators of the Man C- Arsenal game on TV… and it is more than OK, because it means we are home together.



4 thoughts on “Christmas in da house

    1. Woooo girl. Take it sliw. Menar du att du INTE gillat julen? Är det Malmö på onsdag? Har inte skrivit upp datumet i min kalender.

  1. Åhh, jag är som du Louise! Jag älskar älskar älskar julen! Skulle aldrig resa bort, det kan man göra efteråt. Älskar granen, pyntet, glöggen, musiken, överraskningarna, myset, godiset, att vara tillsammans, ljusen…..ja, allt! 🙂
    Kram på dig!

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