Something wrong with my brain?

Had a stroll down memory lane tonight. I have some films from when the boys where small but not enough by far.

When I watch these my brain can not really get it together. I KNOW they have been this small, but I can’t remember them in that age.

Who were they. When I see the clips I mix up what I see with who I know today. And it becomes so wiered. Even more wiered than this post.

That’s when it is good to know, that I did do my best to live in the moment and be actually there. Because even if I can’t remember I know that I was.

Like now. As the Mr is doing a nightshift the boys invited themselves to our bed. And I cherish their warmth and their breathing. And snuggle somemore. As I know that this won’t last


2 thoughts on “Something wrong with my brain?

    1. Oh no, don’t say that! I need snuggle. The oldest “threatens” to move to Australia when he turns 16. That makes the snuggle part so much harder, but then again easier to my heart…

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