While getting a call from F, asking for more data for his cell (his father is providing both siblings with an amount each month, is a real ascendancy in any negotiation – evil laughter) you hear him giggle. Oh, the joy.


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Another barrel of gratefulness 

IMG_6721Yesterday I heard about a family tragedy that (naturally) made my heart stop. This time it wasn’t a clickbaite in my Facebook feed, it was close and it was real.

I thank my ability to alight daily gratitude. My daily acknowledgement of our good health and our very, very privileged life. But also to see and enjoy the small things, like a dog not pulling it’s leash, an evening dip or the public goodbye kiss from my boys. Focusing on what I have rather than on what I don’t. On what I can change rather what I can’t.

I will continue to lead the life I believe is the best for me and the dearest ones around me (with a conscious impact on other people and planet), stand up for things that are important for me, try to separate people from opinion and (try) to have the indulgence when others can’t. I will continue to have an open mind to learn things from others and the integrity to walk away when people cross my invisible line.

At times I will bite my tongue or simply look the other way,  but still give me the possibility to rage for things that make me angry.

This will assure me to do want I can to be (and hopefylly make others too) happy, as this is important to me.

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Don’t realize that our new neighbors and their tenants don’t know about our family’s love for irony. 

We use it frequently, both grown-ups and children.

Guess we’ll get a rumor now. And possibly a  call from the social services…

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We are currently doing nothing. Except waking up early as F is at day camp for his soccer club (and we don’t dare to leave the wake-up to him self…).

But apart from that we don’t do ANYTHING and I love it. A new acquaintance made me aware that this is a talent not everyone masters. So thank you Louise, for being really good at doing nothing.

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Vacay – trip 3

And the morning after F’s 11 birthday, off we went. The entire clan. Up to the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago and the island Blidö. Where we finally got to experience the Mr’s childhood friend’s summer home (he’s been talking about it forever, that is how old they are). His childhood friend is also my former colleague and now a day lifelong friend’s husband. (It’s a long story, but in short it is all thanks to me and a little to the Mr).

We spent a few relaxing days. Where nothing was needed and everything appreciated. Kids playing, fishing and boating. Adventurous island tracking…

After the island relaxation we went to the capital where we hadn’t done anything if it hadn’t been for me. Read full story of my vacay breakdown here (only in Swedish). We did Skansen, Gröna Lund and some shopping. We ate, drank and watched live Allsvenskan soccer and I got totally star struck (according to my husband) when I walked up and said hello to a author, blogger, rhetoric expert Elaine Eksvärd. We simply had a great time time.

Happy days. Happy life.



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Vacay – no 2

After returning from Österlen, but before celebrating F’s 11 birthday, I stoped by at home, re packed and went off to a short overnight trip with “the women”.

A constellation of women where I feel very welcomed but also a little as the least sharpest tool in the shed.

I know that this feeling is very subjective and personal and mere a sign of the tremendous respect I have for these women.

If I ever where to hire a management group for a company it would be these people. I am sure we would manage the four of us, (maybe accompanied with a finance human).

Anyway, 24 hrs was spent discussing highs and some lows, leaving me with the assurance that I am completely right as I am.

What a blessing.

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