These two

For once this heading is not about my beloved family.

It’s about two brilliant women who I also have the indulgence to call my friends.

They always take our conversations to the next level. Now they been smart enough to make it a part of their business. Their business is about shifting our perspectives on how and why we do business in our companies.

If you are curious listen to their podcast, why not their latest interview (Swedish only 😞).

If you are curious and want to bring your business to another level you contact them at

These friends of mine are just sensational.

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You are welcome!

To my children, who will be able to read this well beyond my passing, I just wanted to say:

You’re welcome, it was all my pleasure.

To be the fun mother I am. So many laughters, so many jokes, practical, wise ass as well as silly.

I am not sure you will be able to provide your own children with this kind of fab mother, but I ask you to aim for it! Funny mums are the best.

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Just like Nirvana

I just had about 20 minutes of Nirvarna on earth. Appproximately 10 minutes coffee with F followed by 10 minutes of coffee with S. A small chat (two ways!) with both of them. A short briefing, without investigating, on where they are in life. A little something I will thrive on until next time.

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You and me forever

When they were around six, I took my boys to separate mummy/son trips to Stockholm. First Sam and then three years later Sam again (Fabian got sick). Finally Fabian and I could get away. These trips were close to magical and in due time, I wanted to do it again.

Last year, I offered our boys a trip each for a weekend. Fabian was fast and booked London. Sam wasn’t too keen on a big city trip other than Moscow (which I wasn’t), so for a while we (I) were thinking of hiking in Scotland. But we ended up in Ireland. For four days we were walking (me limping), arguing, laughing and enjoying each other’s company (well, at least I did). One day was spent in my old college town Athlone, where I got to visit a friend from days of yore. We saw each other last in 2000. Amazingly enough he hadn’t changed a bit.

For me the trip was an eye opener of how old I am.

Sam is just faster.

He’s faster:

  • In walking (well I’m 172.5 cm he’s 185, in addition to my defense is my injured knee, another sign of old age)
  • In noticing stuff, from green lights for pedestrians to vehicles
  • In understanding how things work and where to go

We had about 500 arguments of me not hearing, not talking loud enough and talking too loud. But we also had laughters, played games and just hanging out together.

I guess Sam could think of 1000 other more fun things to do this weekend. But I’m sure that in the long run he too will value this trip. I at least did my best to squeeze out the last drop of baby boy of my first born. And I enjoyed every single second of it. Because it is you and me my son. To end of time.

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F.A.B just fab

In a weak moment I promissed our youngest to take him to the Unisport flagship store in Copenhagen, in the pursuit of the perfect football boots. He invited a friend to join and then one more and another one until I had to make him stop.

I had to cancel the first planned trip two weeks ago (as I was down with the flu or something just as lethal), but today the time had come.

And what a treat! Four very polite, friendly and sweet 13-year olds. Having a great day. Even if some of them got disappointed when parents put a hard stop to the budget of both boots and gloves. But shortly thereafter it was just smiles again. We also gave them a important lesson to not pay for bad/non-existing service.

Anyhow, this day will stay in my heart for a long time. I have very much faith in the generation to come.

I also thank Marianne and my husband who joined as extra chaperones.

This picture was taken before the budget stop had come into action.

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Oh the love

I don’t know if it was such a smart thing to do, this “getting kids” thing. I’m not thinking about the lack of sleep, the early mornings, the tantrums. I’m not even thinking about the adolescences where you see your young people do stupid stuff with zero consequence analysis and just because you said not to it.

No, I’m thinking of the love. This bottomless love you feel for your child, it’s magnitude so huge it hurts.

Seeing our boys growing up and realizing that they soon are no-longer yours (not that they ever were) and they be off. Off into their own world to conquer and explore. It hurts.

What do I do? What do I do with all the love?

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Since a week back (approximately) I removed my Facebook and Twitter apps (the accounts are still there) from my phone.

I just gotten extremely tired of the nonsense content found there. And the time I spent looking at it. I am probably one of the last people to do this, but I’m so content with my decision.

I wonder how/if Facebook will survive for much longer ?

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