To not cave in

For me, it’s hard. To let go. To no be too intrusive.

Sam is away with his class over night.

Even if I want to know everything (like he would tell me, and that he would tell me while he’s away…), I resist the urge to continue the Snapchat conversation with his reply that everything is fine.

That’s all I get.

And I need, not only to accept this, but also to get used to this new world order.

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No pressure

This post is filled with exorbitant amounts of bragging over kids (my own), don’t read if you have a tendency to regurgitate.

It’s amazing how someone can become full supporter (and expert I might add) of a sport she previously had no real interest of. Love does amazing things.

Today, both our sons won their individual soccer games. With honurs. It’s so great to see them evolve. Fabian has always been very keen to the sport and now he and his team shows tremendous development and plays fantastic soccer. Much thanks to their coaches, who have taught them not only how soccer is played but what makes a team. His hours and hours placing a ball between the goal posts has gotten him a very sensitive right foot. Scoring 50% of the team’s goals this season (brag) so far.

Sam had a short career in the sport some years back. But never felt at home on the pitch. Last spring he left the swimming pool after quite some miles up and down the 25 m pond for soccer. Mainly to hang with friends. Once again showing that the sport is about the team. He have had an amazing development over the year. Not only the proud mother speaking. He is now a very physical and strong defense player. And absolutely loving it.


Today’s result leaves the last human male member of the family to deliver in tomorrow’s game. With the opportunity to defend and expand his team’s lead of the series.

No pressure honey, but you better win. Otherwise the boys are gonna own you…

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The first

Yesterday marked a milestone in our parenting calendar. “Staying up” (and sober) to go pick up child in the middle of the night.

What we learned? That don’t call until you know for sure the party is over and you really want to go home.

Apparently a fun party with a classic truth or dare.

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Soccer, soccer, soccer

I’ve played one game. It all came back to me a couple of weeks ago when I returned to the crime scene with Fabian.

This week it has been soccer Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I enjoy it though. Especially if I bring my camera. But sometimes it gets so exciting that I forget to take them pictures. But today I kept it cool and got some of Sam.

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Something is happening

When looking at our youngest son and then taking a quick glance in my Instagram feed it’s clear. He is growing. Taking his first small steps into adolescence. Slowly that all childish features is leaving him.

My boys. My precious boys. Life is impermanent, enjoy every moment of it, nothing will ever return.

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That feeling!

The Mr I took control over our unplanned morning hours and continued the building of patio no. 2. Some small steps were taken. A lot of measuring, re-measuring, balancing off. And then finally building. 

An small achievement leaving me with a great sense of contentment.

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