It’s over 

Mr Fab wanted me to smell his armpits. He very proudly informed me that they smelled. They did.

My babies are leaving me! Panic. I will never be fully OK with this.

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Next level

Good Sunday, after carrying 6 cubics of soil to our lawn, me and the Mr left the kids for a glass (OK two) of wine with friends in the sun at one of the local hotels.

We enjoyed it until… one kid made nuisance. The worst sort – whining. I have full respect for kids and their parents. But whining has no room in the public space.

I gave the kid an evil eye and praised the lord that we have moved to a new level. Next level. The next time I will like small kids is when they are my grandchildren. It better linger.


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Over and done with

I can recall my mother at a time in life having big problems sleeping. Waking up at 03.30 am and never really going back to sleep until it was time to get up…

I guess that’s where I am now. I think it has to do something with menopause… Come on, bring it on and then it can be over and done with.


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Them people

When celebrities and/or Joe Schmos, don’t take their responsibility to be reasonable and level headed, instead spread shit (like B-celebrities divorce and custody battles and/or pictures of mutilated children) with the excuse that they didn’t start it?

Seriously?! Yes, it was wrong to start it all together but let those people own the stupidity  – don’t join them.

Really, I roll my eyes and then my head… I quote Forrest Gump, or his mum:

“Stupid is that stupid does” 

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A day of soccer

Many weekends ahead will be spent at soccer pitches. Fabian fabulous had a training game today. It wasn’t their best game. But I got some pictures to share.

For the Mr the season started today. Against the team that (according to those who knows) is said to be there toughest opponents. Mr’s team won 5-2, and I who doesn’t know anything about soccer thought they played pretty well.

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My kids, how I love them. I hope (because that is what I feel) we have a good relationship. Where love rules but also where respect and responsibility are constantly part of our lives. OF COURSE we argue sometimes, sometime more (and louder) than others. But by God do I love them.

Earlier this week I went by Sam’s taekwondo to get some pics and during the weekend Fabian has a soccer game and the camera will join again.

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It is the best day of the week. After a session with my PT I am now enjoying a cup of coffee and BREAD (best cardamom muffin from the local bakery). And all before I have to start work. Brilliant.

Welcome weekend!

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